• Cobras


  • Eyeballs


  • Canadian Flag

    Canadian Flag

  • Explosive


  • Beware of Dog

    Beware of Dog

  • Skulls


  • Dragon


  • Red Camo

    Red Camo

  • Detour


  • Smiley Faces

    Smiley Faces

  • Lightning Bolts

    Lightning Bolts

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  • High Voltage

    High Voltage

  • Bullet Holes

    Bullet Holes

  • Skull and Crossbones

    Skull and Crossbones

  • Tribal


  • Pink Camo

    Pink Camo

  • Chain Link

    Chain Link

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    Blue Camo

  • Bio Hazard

    Bio Hazard

  • Pirate Heads

    Pirate Heads

  • American Flag

    American Flag

  • Crime Scene

    Crime Scene


PHAT TAPE, INC., established in 2001, is a wholesale distributor of specialized ice and roller hockey tape headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. PHAT TAPE was designed with Hockey in mind, although our adhesive sports tape has many other uses.

PHAT TAPE is manufactured to strict specifications for use in a multitude of climates. It is those specially formulated ingredients that allow PHAT TAPE to quickly adhere to hockey pants, and help the participant easily gain a snug fit for his/her shin pads. It also allows just the right amount of elasticity to give the participant's legs room to breathe. PHAT TAPE invigorates participant's confidence, performance, and gives them the winning edge!

In July 2001, we introduced the first series: Crime Scene, High Voltage, and Explosive. It has been a huge success, and we now have 24 designs. In addition, PHAT TAPE is now available in 3 convenient sizes. Traditionally, PHAT TAPE is offered in a 48mm by 55yd product, which continues to be one of the longest tape offerings in the industry . We have just recently released a 48mm by 30yd product, as well as the much antipicated 24mm by 30yd product. PHAT TAPE is available throughout the United States and Canada. PHAT TAPE offers roller hockey and ice hockey participant's quality and convenience at a reasonable price. And, it doesn't hurt being cool!

Visit our products page for a complete listing of our roller hockey and ice hockey tape and stick bags.